Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dirt Cheap Inspiration

I'm discovering creative resources online that are as good, and in many cases, much better, than what once cost thousands of dollars. Today I found--and spent all day poring, a royalty-free art source with an incredible collection of drop-dead gorgeous graffiti. Downloaded, cropped and modified a few images and printed them on my puny little Canon inkjet. Wow. I'm, like, a designer already.

This site has over a thousand full-color photos of graffiti--funny, shocking, weird, beautiful--alive with color and form. Download any image for a dollar and go crazy. Next time you need a marketing piece with real stopping power, ditch the grip-and-grin corporate crap for something a lot more interesting.

Worth a look are,, and And when I get around to it, I'll pass along a few resources for creating logos that cost very little and look like a million bucks. Eat your heart out, Landor. (Chris Coleman)


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